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BACE is a global Business Technology Consulting & IT service provider. We are delivering the practical ideas which provide the perfect solutions to our clientele. Our Company started because of high demand of companies’ for IT Support, Corporate Identity Design & Digital Marketing. Our typical customers are SMEs & Startups and we do our best to provide them the products and services they need at a competitive price.

Our role is to provide realistic solutions around today's technology and to make it future proof and utilize new technology as it arrives. Most of our solutions are developed in-house, or with third party system integration. Because of this, our knowledge of the technologies enables BACE to quickly and professionally provides results to both business and end users.

Our Mission & Vision

  • Connect& make better usage of technology
  • Transform IT services & products
  • Create IT reach for everyone

Transform life’s for betterment!


BACE: Best & Affordable Computer Electronics Solutions
It is simple, remember able, easy to pronounce which suits to our vision and mission statement. It is aligned with our path & strategic business.
We believe every human is gifted with some extra ordinary talents and we always open for new ideas, innovations, and flexibility for our people. With BACE we aim to provide best in class service to our clients and most effective work policies for employee to balance work & personal life.
This Lucknow Startup is on something Revolutionary....There is no doubt we can see a clear picture of Digital India with companies like BACE Solutions who are on a mission to create IT reach for everyone....View Article
- City Inspirations Magazine, Lucknow

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